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A Message from Damien Ryan

To our audiences, artists and education partners,

We are extremely sad to say that Sport For Jove’s extensive program of works for 2020, including our live education programs and shows have had to close down for the time being. It is very humbling the generosity and support we have received from every quarter as we follow the same distressing path as all of our peers in this vital and powerful industry in having to withdraw from our work, but we hope to provide every support we can to help rebuild and re-enliven our sector, for its incredible artists and audiences, across so many iconic and inspiring theatres and companies, as soon as we are able to wildly and passionately fling open our doors again.

We promise we will survive this and return despite the immense challenges that now await us and all of our colleagues. We will pursue every idea and be as creative as possible to support artists and their work and development in these extraordinary and very difficult times.

We are profoundly grateful to all of the artists who are working with us this year for their patience and incredible support and are so grateful for the well wishes we have received from so many people. We also extend our sincerest thanks to the donors, sponsors and venues across our industry who are suffering equally intense struggles and challenges. We hope we can be there for you as you have for us.

Who knows exactly what Shakespeare’s final play was, but the last words of Two Noble Kinsmen (possibly John Fletcher’s) come to mind –

For what we lack

We laugh, for what we have are sorry, still

Are children in some kind. Let us be thankful

For that which is, and with you leave disputes

That are above our question. Let’s go off,

And bear us like the time.

Flourish. Exeunt.

Thank you, stay in touch and look after each other ‘til our next adventure,

Damien and the whole team at SFJ

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