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Rose Riot - Ensemble by Seiya Taguchi (2

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"Take from my heart all thankfulness"


Sport for Jove believes in the power of theatre to bring people together, encourage shared understanding and provoke debate and progress. We have a passionate charter to bring first rate theatre to school students across NSW and to audiences that are not regularly serviced by professional live theatre.


All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and we are profoundly grateful for the contribution you are making to our ongoing work. 

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"I can no other answer make but thanks, And thanks, and ever thanks."

Twelfth Night

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The Wales Family Foundation
Sherry Gregory and the Key Foundation
Charles Littrell and Kimberly Cartwright
Ron Winestock

$1000 - $5000

Rachel Robins
Debbie Kearns
Natalie Shea
Catherine Wilcox
John Bell and Anna Volska
Anonymous x 2

$500 - $1000

Chris Puplick AM
Barry French
Siobhan Lenihan
Libby Richmond
Sarah Dredge
Anonymous x 3

$100 - $500

Nicola Grace
Jeannie Gee
Camilla Rountree
Glenn Saunders
William Zappa
Anne Burley
Lucinda Armour
Hilary Hughes and Gary Werskey
Steve Davidson
Sandie Eldridge
Giles Parker
Janne and Sue Dalton
Annonymous x 22

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