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in-school opportunities


Our in-school residency program offers the choice of an immersive and entirely practical 5-day, 4-day, or 3-day experience for students in any year group, investigating Shakespeare’s plays, world, characters and language through action.

Straight onto the stage with professional actors and directors, the students learn through doing and understanding, engaging in fresh and highly accessible ways. Staff, parents and the whole school community are brought together to celebrate a performance showcase, fuelled by a wealth of discovery about the value and beauty of these plays.


Shakespeare Bootcamp

In the intensive Shakespeare Bootcamp, your students will:

  • Get the words, ideas, images, feelings and relationships of Shakespeare’s most famous plays up on their feet, into their bodies, into a shared storytelling space, in practical, exciting and dynamic ways;

  • Enjoy the rewards of boldness, confidence, self-esteem, fun, and most of all, ownership of their creativity— these PLAYS were made for PLAYING and that is the focus of the Residency, breaking down the barriers to these great works, demystifying meaning and making them approachable and relevant;

  • Learn the demands of teamwork - each joining a hard-working team, creating something they’ll always remember;

  • Produce an inclusive and fully staged final performance to showcase the work they have done on the plays.

  • Shakespeare Bootcamp is for both Primary and High School students, covering many areas of your teaching syllabus


If you would like to discuss more in-school workshops and opportunities for your school
please contact us on or (02) 890 1921.

In-School Workshops
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