In 2021, we will be running a number of Artistic Mentorship Programs. Watch this space for more information.

Producer Mentorship Program

Currently running

for BIPOC, First Nations Peoples, and CALD Persons

This program is currently being run by Jove’s Executive Producer, Cat Dibley, and is a program to deliver training and experience for emerging producers. 


Cat says of the new program:


“We have four main aims with this program which we have formed out of consultation with the theatre community.

  1. To provide training and experience for emerging producers

  2. To democratise resources and information required for self-producing artists to get their work created

  3. To make space for and foster a network of producers and self-producing artists

  4. And to amplify the voices of BIPOC, First Nations Peoples and the CALD community


I know from teaching producing in the past that people interested in this kind of program are not exclusively career-focused Producers, I have often taught artists looking to self-produce their own work and to have agency over it, so this is open to both groups.

We at Jove are looking to ways in which we can help affect change in our industry and address imbalances.”

There are currently no positions available at Sport for Jove

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