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directed by damien ryan

“Thou can’st not speak of that thou dost not feel...”

It takes a village to kill a child.


A brand new production of this incredible play for young audiences from Artistic Director, Damien Ryan. The existential crisis facing our world today has triggered a deafening chorus of ‘How dare you!’, screamed from the heart of our planet’s youth. And it’s not just about climate issues. What can children teach us in their struggle to be heard?


Sport for Jove’s furiously energetic new production of Romeo & Juliet is characterised by a true vision of today’s youth - utilising an array of vibrant and youthful performers surrounded by an extraordinary cast of some of the country's most experienced Shakespeare actors, this production exudes a unique authenticity and honest rawness, danger and the genuine awkwardness and beauty of young love. 

Our production takes on the spirit of a filthy Italian opera, driven by love and heat, fights and fevers of the mind, and of course, by Shakespeare’s soaring poetry. We are carried to backcountry Verona, a profoundly insular town, trapped in cycles of tradition and vendetta, staring out at the future with moral pollution at its heart. Only its children’s courage to express themselves will bring change. With the mad blood stirring, two young lovers meet and set in motion the most iconic love story of all time, that of Juliet and her Romeo.


A thrilling introduction to Shakespeare for young audiences and such an important work for students to experience live.

Included in

all bookings

Detailed Student

Resource Kit

Photography by Seiya Taguchi

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Syllabus Links

Middle School English & Drama syllabus - Introduction to and sophisticated analysis of Shakespeare’s plays and theatrical practices.

Senior English – Year 11

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110 minutes, no interval
+ Q&A post show

Dates and Booking

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Seymour Centre

Thurs, July 21

Fri, July 22

Sat, July 23

Mon, July 25

Tues, July 26

Wed, July 27

Thurs, July 28

Fri, July 29

Sat, July 30






10am, 1.30pm


10am, 7pm


Content Warning: 

Contains coarse language, physical violence, sexual references, adult themes, haze smoke, prop weapons and loud noises, depiction of suicide (for resources and support, contact Lifeline at 13 11 14). Photography and filming prohibited.


Damien Ryan | Director

Rob Jago & Damien Ryan | Production Management 

Sophie Parker | Lighting Design

Damien Ryan | Production & Sound Design

Bernadette Ryan | Costume Design

Erin Shaw | Stage Manager

Naomi Belet | Assistant Stage Manager

Scott Witt | Fight Choreographer

Tristan Baker | Cinematographer


Louisa Panucci | Juliet Capulet

Oliver Ryan | Romeo Montague

David Soncin | Tybalt Capulet /Apothecary

Max Ryan | Mercutio / Friar John

Bronwyn Lim | Nurse

Jay James-Moody | Friar Lawrence /Peter

Jade Fuda | Benvolio Montague

Dinitha Senevirathne | Paris/Balthazar Montague

Emma Palmer | Lady Capulet

Bernadette Ryan | Lady Montague

Damien Ryan | Capulet

Naomi Belet | Greta

Maggie Blinco | Benvolio Chorus


"Somehow it feels s little more ancient and intrinsic... it's a beautiful way to spend a night"


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