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Will-I-Am (2014)

Directed by Francesca Savige and George Banders

December 19, 2014 to December 21, 2014

The Second Age Project, a Hills District initiative getting local area youth up and acting Shakespeare in their own live productions, and Sport for Jove proudly present an exciting new production called Will-I-Am. A selection of some of Shakespeare's most moving, funny and powerful scenes performed at the remarkable Bella Vista Farm. Follow the journey of William Shakespeare and 17 of his best students as they desperately try to save his complete works from ending up in the deep bosom of the ocean buried, and try to answer that age old question "why are we still studying these plays?

Director's Note

(No director's note available for this production)

Production Reviews

Production Gallery

  • Ethan Austin

  • Stephanie Black 

  • Lauren Chapman

  • Paris Jeffrey

  • Imogen King

  • Matthew McElroy

  • Jess Mihatov

  • Janvi Mistry

  • Disha Mistry

  • Hudson Musty

  • Ben de Pagter

  • Jordan Roughan

  • Dinitha Senevirathne

  • Thulitha Senevirathne

  • Nicola Stewart

  • Shannon Thomas

  • Chloe Zurynski 

  • Francesca Savige | Director 

  • George Banders | Director 

  • Sarah Starr | Assistant Stage Manager

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