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Twelfth Night (2020)

Directed by Christopher Stollery

Written by William Shakespeare

January 11, 2020 to January 26, 2020

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

The twelfth night is the last day of the Christmas cycle, a night of madness where the world turns upside down, where grief and joy and laughter and tears are all one. When mere mortals have the power to choose who they are, what they believe in and who they may love. In this rollicking production from director Christopher Stollery, music and mayhem will fill the summer night.
When Viola is shipwrecked on a strange land, desperate at the loss of her twin brother Sebastian, she disguises herself as a boy to survive. The inevitable ensues with the silliness of mistaken identity, foolish love connections, and a witty fool.

On her mad, joyous, romantic journey to rediscovering herself and finding her twin, she will change the people of Illyria forever, bringing just the right amount of chaos, and just the right number of weddings.

Don’t miss your opportunity to devour this delightful comedy in the open air this summer.

Director's Note

(No director's note available for this production)

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Photography by Seiya Taguchi

  • Adele Querol | Countess Olivia

  • Christopher Stalley | Count Orsino

  • Damien Ryan | Valentine

  • David Soncin | Fabian

  • Felicity McKay | Sebastian

  • James Haxby | Sir Andrew Aguecheek

  • Jay James-Moody | Feste

  • Lexi Sekuless | Malvolia

  • Mandela Mathia | Antonio

  • Rebecca Montalti | Viola

  • Septimus Caton | Sir Toby Belch

  • Wendy Strehlow | Maria

  • Christopher Starnawski | Stage Manager & Sound Designer

  • Christopher Stollery | Director

  • Drew Livingston | Composer of Feste's songs

  • Fiona Victoria Hopkins | Costume Designer

  • Loretta Foster | Technical Manager

  • Naomi Livingston | Compser of Feste's songs

  • Sophia Bryant | Stage Manager

  • Sophie Parker | Lighting Designer

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