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King Lear and the Playoffs (2017)

Directed by Scott Sheridan, Megan Drury, Damien Ryan, and Christopher Stalley

December 18, 2017 to December 20, 2017

Sport for Jove's exciting youth drama initiative the Second and Third Age Projects return for a fifth season, featuring Hills District area youth working alongside trained theatre professionals to perform their own theatrical production in a curtain raising performance before the mainstage shows at the Sydney Hills Shakespeare in the Park that evening.

The Second Age Project presents....

The Playoffs

A vivid re-imagining of Shakespeare’s time. A fictional reality where there is limited arts funding, venues and resources. Two rival theatre companies - The Mechanicals and The Players - battle it out using Shakespeare’s finest works. The victor will earn forever-rights to their own theatre space and bragging-rights as the finest theatre troupe in the land.

It’s a battle of words.

It’s a battle of wit.

It’s a battle of Will.

It’s... The Playoffs.

The Third Age Project presents...


“The weight of this sad time we must obey.
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.
The oldest hath borne most. We that are young
Shall never see so much, nor live so long.”

On his 80th birthday King Lear divides his kingdom amongst his children, unleashing a storm of chaos, disloyalty and madness. The young actors of the 3rd Age Project bring you a rapid fire 75 minute production of one of Shakespeare’s most challenging and famous tales of family, aging and self-knowledge as the children of the play grapple with the legacy of their parents and the ‘wisdom’ of their elders.

Director's Note

(No director's note available for this production)

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  • Alison Brunacci

  • Claire Wong

  • Emilia Stepniewski

  • Heath Jelovic

  • Maddison Calcott

  • Melanie  Dobson

  • Olivia Williams

  • Rhyan Starr

  • River Winn

  • Tara Richardson


  • Aiswarya Kuran

  • Alice Ridgway

  • Anita Donovan

  • Anna Williamson

  • Ashleigh King

  • Ben de Pagter

  • Chloe Farrington

  • Dinitha Senevirathne

  • Elen Attard

  • Ethan Austin

  • Holky Bramble

  • Hudson Musty

  • Imogen King

  • Jussi Jenssen

  • Kristy Hampson

  • Madi Ayton

  • Meg Attard

  • Nicola Stewart

  • Paris Jeffery

  • Spencer Vallis

  • Thulitha Senevirathne


  • Scott Sheridan | Director

  • Megan Drury | Director
    Shelley Casey | Assistant Director
    Sarah Starr | Stage Manager


  • Christopher Stalley | Director

  • Damien Ryan | Director

  • Megan Drury | Movement Director
    Shelley Casey | Assistant Director
    Sarah Starr | Stage Manager

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