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Cesario and World Wrestling Entertainment (2016)

Directed by Scott Sheridan, George Banders, and Francesca Savige

Written by Francesca Savige, George Banders and William Shakespeare, with creative contributions from the whole ensemble

December 20, 2016 to December 22, 2016

The Second Age Project Productions for 2016

Sport for Jove's exciting youth drama initiative the Second Age Project returns for a fourth year, expanded to include a new concept the Third Age Project, featuring Hills District area youth working alongside trained theatre professionals to perform their own theatrical production in a curtain raising performance before the mainstage show at the Sydney Hills Shakespeare in the Park that evening.

Onstage for a limited run from Dec 20th - Dec 22nd at Bella Vista Farm, this year's exciting productions are...

It's the summer of 1596, the plague is rife, and Judith Shakespeare -who insists on being called 'Cesario'- is on a mission. While her famous playwright father is making his way home from London, Cesario ventures out into the streets of Stratford Upon Avon, dodging the local twin bullies, entreating the Apothcary's son for a cure, and haggling with the travelling Higgler family for a spell - anything to help save her identical twin brother Hamnet, who is very very ill...

The Third Age Project presents...

Written by Francesca Savige, George Banders and William Shakespeare, with creative contributions from the whole ensemble.

WWE 2016 brings Shakespeare's most witty, most woeful, most royal and most dangerous characters into the ring to battle it out with words. The reigning champion Richard the 3rd still wears the crown, but will he be able to hold on to it? Its a high-stakes battle to the death for those who wield words like weapons. Let's get ready to rumble....

Director's Note

(No director's note available for this production)

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  • Melanie Dobson | Cesario (Judith Shakespeare)

  • Heath Jelovic | Hamnet Shakespeare/Hobbler Higgler

  • Tambre Paris-Kulasin | Martha/Mary/Hatful Higgler

  • Tara Richardson | Honesty Higgler

  • Max Ryan | Wattle/Handsome Higgler

  • Rhyan Starr | Susannah Shakespeare/Hateful Higgler

  • Emilia Stepniewski | Daub/Henrietta Higgler

  • River Winn | The Leader/Horace Higgler


  • Elen Attard | Tybalt

  • Meg Attard | Imogen / Benvolio

  • Ethan Austin | Petruchio / Balthasar

  • Tamara Bailey | Host / Henry V

  • Holky Bramble | Desdemona / Abraham

  • Ben de Pagter | Macbeth / Security / Gossipy Crowd member

  • Isabella Dib | Ophelia / Witch

  • Chloe Farrington | Macduff / Gossipy crowd member

  • Kristy Hampson | Juliet / Gregory

  • Paris Jeffrey | Katherina / Dorky crowd member

  • Jussi Jenssen | Leontes / Witch

  • Ashleigh King | Iago / Sampson/ Eager crowd member

  • Imogen King | Queen Margaret / Eager crowd member

  • Mabel Li | Paulina / Dicky 3 Cheersquad

  • Laura McInnes | Benedick / Dicky 3 Cheersquad

  • Janvi Mistry | Hemione / Dicky 3 Cheersquad

  • Hudson Musty | Hamlet

  • Dinitha Senevirathne | Host / Henry V

  • Thulitha Senevirathne | Richard III

  • Nicola Stewart | Helena / Witch

  • Anna Williamson | Beatrice / Charles the Wrestler

  • Chloe Zurynski | Lady Anne / The Oracle


  • Scott Sheridan | Director 

  • George Banders & Francesca Savige | Assistant Directors

  • Thomas Grone | Stage Manager

  • Sarah Starr | Assistant Stage Manager

  • Drew & Naomi Livingstone | Music Compisition

  • Tim Dashwood | Fight Choreographer


  • George Banders and Francesca Savige | Directors

  • Scott Sheridan | Assistant Director 

  • Tim Dashwood | Fight Choreographer

  • Drew and Naomi Livingston | Music Composition

  • Sarah Starr | Stage Manager

  • Thomas Grone | Assistant Stage Manager

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