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Sport for Jove Presents






1 Hour, 43 Minutes


“…O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife…”

Shakespeare’s most immersive and haunting play tells of the murderous ascent to ‘greatness’ of a husband and wife who believe they can control time and destiny.

A loving couple, suffering the loss of a child, are surrounded by the children of others–of the King, Macduff and Banquo. To what extent is their first crime an act of love in that terrible void, a sacrifice she makes for him and in return, he for her?

Sport for Jove’s acclaimed Macbeth is an ecstatic vision of what love and ambition can do to people, of ghosts, shadows, and the terrors of the imagination. It’s a must-see for students of the play or young people experiencing Shakespeare for the first time.

Filmed in 2018 at Seymour Centre, Sydney by BAM Studios

Bonus Features

Feature Length Documentary; Cast Q+A

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