Digital HSC Symposium

Waiting for Godot





2 Hours, 29 Minutes


Godot asks us - how do we express the inexpressible human experience?

In 2020, Sport for Jove had an exciting and valuable Education season scheduled across both the Seymour Centre and Riverside Parramatta venues. Like many other venues, these locations have been forced to close during COVID-19, which means the same for our Productions and Symposiums.

With these extensive Symposiums and great productions, we wanted to find a way to transform this content from stage to screen. As such, the Jove team have been hard at work creating digital content for our scheduled productions and Symposiums.

Our HSC Symposiums are opportunities to deepen your students’ practical understanding through detailed lecture, analyzing key scenes and characters in performance. They have now been transformed into a digital package so you can experience the full value of these events in a Digital Symposium.