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Written by Will Shakespeare and Tom Middleton
Adapted by Damien Ryan and Margaret Thanos
Directed by Margaret Thanos

Celebrating our 15th Annual Leura Shakespeare Festival!!!

Be honest now. Do your friends suck? Not always. But, come on, sometimes...? So they secretly love it when you screw up, fall down, miss out, give in? Do you do it to them... have you? What's it worth, any of it? Friendship? Loyalty? Love? If it were made of gold, what would it weigh?

Well... Timon has it all... the cash, the cache, the companions, and a heart of gold. But that'll never last, you know the story! And when it all goes up in smoke, so does everyone around him. One friend tried to warn him, but who listens to the pessimist? We all hate a misanthrope.

But we hate ingratitude more. And nothing burns like betrayal. Alond and enraged, Timon strips himself bare, runs from the world, curses the city, and revels in exile. And wouldn't you know it... digging in the dirt for a scrap of food... finds mor wealth than he had before, just lying there under the earth in a barren field. What will he do with it this time, being generous never paid off, so what's the opposite??

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens is a black comedy dressed up as a Greek tragedy, an hilariously dark, joyfully brutal and very modern immorality tale. Dicken's borrowed from it, Marx built a new world order out of it, our contemporary age sits squarley in its sights - and it gives you, the playgoer, an extraordinary opportunity...

... to watch a Shakespeare play where you don't know what happens next, have no idea how it ends, and will be surprised at every turn. 

Directed by the bold and brilliant Margaret Thanos for Australia’s most consistently revered Shakespeare company, Sport for Jove, I Hate People; or Timon of Athens is a truly unique theatrical experience. A renaissance play that feels like it was written yesterday and tells us so much about today.  

Grab a picnic, bring every "friend", pop a bottle of bubbly and celebrate having it all... until you don't! Full of dance, song, libidinous life, and a stunning cast, don't miss it!


Matt Abotomey Head Shot.jpg

Painter, Cupid, Caphis, Theo, Fourth Senator
Matt Abotomey

Mike Booth0577.jpg

Mike Booth


Poet, Isidore’s Servant, Sophia, Timandra
Lib Campbell

Eleni Cassimatis 1 lower res.jpg

Eleni Cassimatis

Deborah Galanos Headshot.jpeg

DebORAH Galanos


Merchant, Lord 3, First Senator, Varro
Jake Harvey


Diplomat, Filia, Bandit 1
Lucy Lock

Ava Madon Headshot.jpg

oJeweller, Lydia’s Servant, Penelope, Phrynia, Featured Dancer
Ava Madon


Kostas, Messenger, Lydia, Soldier, Bandit 3
Tasha O’Brien


Athenian Father, Lex, Third Senator, Bandit 2
Diego Retamales


Damien Ryan


Vasilios, Varro’s Servant, Stavros, Hippolytus, Second Senator
David Soncin

Dates and Booking

Everglades gardens, leura

SAT 6 - Sun 21 January 

currently sold out
stay tuned for updates

This production contains:
Simulated drug use
Simulated sexual themes
Full frontal nudity
Depictions of suicide


This production is recommended for ages 15+

Sport for Jove and our venue partners will be adhering to the current NSW Public Health Orders. Please check with our venues for latest updates.

WET WEATHER Information

In the event of Wet Weather we will move our performace to Wentworth Falls School of the Arts. This venue only has capacity to seat the first 180 ticket buyers on the night. If you are unable to be transfered we will refund you your ticket. The Leura Everglades venue has limited parking at the property and neighbouring streets. Please consider car-pooling to reduce the number of vehicles in the vicinity on the day of your selected show. 



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