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Sport for Jove Presents






2 Hours, 8 Minutes


*Please note, the first few minutes of this video are a little dark. This is a deliberate directorial choice made in the theatre, which is very difficult to capture accurately on camera. 

Filmed at Seymour Centre in 2019 by BAM Studios

On a remote military base in an occupied country, a trusted yet devious soldier works away at the certainties of his commander like a creeping tide. Venice and Cyprus become the battlefields upon which love, trust and jealousy are put on the severest trial.

Combining Sport for Jove’s trademark textual clarity with a powerful cast and design, your students will gain deeper comprehension from experiencing this brooding thriller live.

Relentless, dark, and even darkly funny, no Shakespearean play offers a more modern examination of contemporary political tensions.

Bonus Features

Feature Length Documentary; Cast Q+A; Live Q+A

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