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including in-school workshops, Shakespeare Residencies,  Shakespeare Bootcamp, digital workshops, and more!


Shakespeare Residencies

An intensive Shakespeare bootcamp running as a 3, 4, or 5-day experience

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In-School Workshops

Bespoke 1-2 hour workshops tailored to your schools individual needs

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Digital Workshops

In-class Primary and Secondary workshops for COVID-Safety and Regional schools



Our in-school residency program offers the choice of an immersive and entirely practical 5-day, 4-day, or 3-day experience for students in any year group, investigating Shakespeare’s plays, world, characters and language through action.

Straight onto the stage with professional actors and directors, the students learn through doing and understanding, engaging in fresh and highly accessible ways. Staff, parents and the whole school community are brought together to celebrate a performance showcase, fuelled by a wealth of discovery about the value and beauty of these plays.


Shakespeare Bootcamp

In the intensive Shakespeare Bootcamp, your students will:

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Get the words, ideas, images, feelings and relationships of Shakespeare’s most famous plays up on their feet, into their bodies, into a shared storytelling space, in practical, exciting and dynamic ways;

Enjoy the rewards of boldness, confidence, self-esteem, fun, and most of all, ownership of their creativity— these PLAYS were made for PLAYING and that is the focus of the Residency, breaking down the barriers to these great works, demystifying meaning and making them approachable and relevant;

Learn the demands of teamwork - each joining a hard-working team, creating something they’ll always remember;

Produce an inclusive and fully staged final performance to showcase the work they have done on the plays.

Shakespeare Bootcamp is for both Primary and High School students, covering many areas of your teaching syllabus

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In-School Workshops


Get in touch and let us know how we can assist you with live experiential work in the classroom or school theatre. Don’t hesitate to ask if we can cover the play you are studying.

"By the end of the week...
the students boldly staged moments from Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo & Juliet and King Lear – intense, imaginative, funny and moving performances by the entire cohort.”


Essential to students accessing the great plays on the syllabus is the lived experience of witnessing the characters, scenes and language at work in performance.


Our bespoke workshops cover wide ranging areas of the curriculum across middle school and senior school levels and are specifically tailored to suit your schools individual needs.


You can select from our structured 1 hour, 2 hour or 3 hour intensive workshops and symposiums. We can cover texts including:

The Tempest

& Hagseed

Richard III &

Looking for 





Waiting for


Summer of the



The Merchant

of Venice

Henry 4,

Part 1


Henry 5



Taming of

the Shrew

A Midsummer 

Night's Dream


Much Ado

About Nothing

King Lear

Norm &






Cyrano de




Angels in


Any many more!

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Rough Magic

Digital Workshops

Online for safe distancing learning and regional students...

We've got online resources to help Teachers and Students!





Our 2-hour digital modular structure allows you to experience a live and comprehensive interactive workshop either in one hit, or disseminate your workshop over several sessions.


  • Facilitated by two professional arts educators 

  • Fun interactive activities

  • Available with Zoom (contact us if you wish to discuss alternative platforms)

  • Can be delivered as a 2 hour session OR in smaller units over several sessions 

  • Engage up to 30 students per class

  • Our workshop leaders are all Working with Children accredited


$2500 for a 2 hour Digital Workshop

$1600 for 1 hour Digital Workshop 


(Per 30-student class)

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At Sport for Jove, we firmly believe in the power of live performance and advocate in-person engagement and real human connection as we explore theatrical texts. However, we also believe that theatre should be for all and hope that these digital options will allow access to all students who want to take part in the magic!  

Workshops for Primary School

Magic and Mayhem | A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Weird, Wild and Wicked | Macbeth

Love and War | Romeo and Juliet 

Shipwreck Shenanigans | The Tempest  

Kings and Clowns | King Lear

Power and the People | Julius Caesar

Workshops for High School

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Much Ado About Nothing 

Twelfth Night

Henry V

Julius Caesar

King Lear

And many more Shakespearean, Australian and American classics – get in touch to discuss a bespoke workshop!

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