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Sport for Jove Presents

A Midsummer Night's Dream




Comedy, Drama

1 Hour, 48 Minutes


Accessible, honest, funny, moving, magical and full of invention, Sport for Jove’s new Dream allows students to unlock the deeper ideas that make this one of Shakespeare’s most sophisticated plays. Thematically, theatrically and linguistically it is much more than the comic romp with the fairies that theatrical tradition has turned it into over the centuries. We look forward to the opportunity to open up the profound possibilities of the play for school audiences, with an eye to originality and freshness, along with great faith to the text, for younger and older students alike. 

“…methinks we sleep, we dream…” - in the heat of the shortest night of the year – midsummer night - young lovers and work-a-day dreamers plunge into a world between sleep and waking, where “everything seems double”. One of Shakespeare’s truly essential works, ‘Dream’, like every fairy-story, warns us that family, love and friendship are fragile – when parents are selfish, their children break the rules; when love rears its head, friendships are forgotten; and that’s just the mortal world. The best possible introduction young people can have to the theatre and among the most powerful visions of growing up ever written.

Shot live in 2018 at Seymour Centre, Sydney by BAM Studios

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