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Director's Notes

Adapted from Carlo Goldoni’s mid 18 th Century Italian comedy, The Servant of Two Masters follows the story of an enterprising and perpetually hungry servant who endeavours to work for two masters in order to earn twice the meals.

The Servant of Two Masters is Goldoni’s most popular and loved comedy to this day, and his prolific writing career left a legacy to Italian Theatre. Throughout his life, Goldoni undertook a personal mission to reform the approach to performance in his country. He believed the improvised work of the famous stock-character, masked, Commedia del Arte troupes had become lazy and predictable, and through his scripted dialogue he urged a style of playing that explored the highs and lows of real life through comedies of characters’ manners and behaviours. With the mask removed, Goldoni aspired to a more accessible mode of storytelling, with a truth and individuality that was closer to contemporary life than the commedia archetypes were able to achieve. This new adaptation of The Servant of Two Masters retains the essence of it’s 1700’s source, whilst honouring Goldoni’s own legacy of reform by bringing a fresh and contemporary style to our modern audience.

We would love to thank the whole ensemble for their creative contribution to the script, unless of course you find it utterly hilarious, in which case they contributed nothing. We take full credit.

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★★★★ "...this is a highly amusing production."
"This is a production that looks good and moves fast. Thumbs up!"
"This version has been wittily adapted and directed by SFJ alumni George Banders and Francesca Savige....Hilarity ensues and slapstick abounds."

Cast & Crew


Doctor Lombardi - A Doctor of Venice
Beatrice Rasponi - Sister of Federigo Rasponi
Florindo Aratusi – Lover of Beatrice Rasponi
2nd Waiter
Silvio Lombardi – Son To Doctor Lombardi
Truffaldino – Servant of Two Masters
Brighella – Owner/Manager of Brigella's Inn
Smeraldina – Maid To Clarice
Clarice – Daughter to Pantalone
IL Capitano - Omnipotent servant of all Venice
1st Waiter
Pantalone Dei Bisognosi - A General


Vocal Coach
Technical Manager
Design Assistant
Stage Manager
Adaptation and Director
Adaptation and Director
Lighting Designer
Stage Manager (Rehearsals)
Assistant Stage Manager
Sound Designer
Fight Director