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' It’s a great opportunity to experience these treasures of the English canon properly contextualised.'
'Damien Ryan directs his adaptation with astonishing clarity and imagination. It is a herculean undertaking. At about four hours, the energy of these warring roses does not wilt.'
'The Wars of the Roses is surprising. Volatile. Illuminating. Must-see.'

Cast & Crew


Bagot, Westmoreland, Lancaster, Young Richard III
Bess of Gloucester, Alice of France, Joan la Pucelle (of Orleans), Emmanuel the Clerk of Chatham College, Young Elizabeth becoming Queen to Henry VII
Earl of Worcester, Constable of France, Queen Elizabeth Grey
Duke of York, Earl of Mortimer, King Charles of France, John Talbot, Jack Cade, Older King Edward IV
Bushy, Kate Percy, First Soldier of England, Tutor, Younger Lady Grey becoming Queen Elizabeth Grey
Dame Joan Falstaff, Governor of Harfleur, Commander Clifford, Older Eleanor Duchess of Yor
Isabel of Valois Queen of England, Nun of Gadshill, Duchess of Bedford, Young Clifford, Lady Anne becoming Queen to Richard III
First Soldier of England, Doll Tearsheet, A Certain Lord, John Bates, King Henry VI, Richard Grey
Chorus, Captain of Trees, The Douglas, Warwick the Kingmaker, Older George of Clarence
Lord Aumerle of York, Ned Poins, Kylian (formerly Katherine) of Valois, Young John Talbot, Hume the Spy, Henry Tudor Earl of Richmond becoming King Henry VII
Green, Henry (Hotspur) Percy of Northumberland, Alencon, Younger George of Clarence, Lord Mayor of London, Man Who Had Fair Warning, Soldier with Bad Timing
Henry (Hal) Monmouth becoming Queen Henry V
Henry Bolingbroke becoming Queen Henry IV, Orleans, Le Fer, Duchess of Buckingham
Soldier from Wales, Eleanor Duchess of York, Scrivener 
Gardener, Northumberland, Nym, Professor of Ely, Court, Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, Catesby
John of Gaunt the Duke of Lancaster, Bardolph, Old Mortimer, Archbishop of Canterbury, Smith, Farmer, Lord Stanley
Ensign of France, Margaret of Anjou becoming Younger Queen Margaret of England, Ratcliffe
Young Henry (Hotspur) Percy of Northumberland, Boy, Young Richard Plantagenet becoming Richard Duke of York, Child George of Clarence
Rutland daughter to Richard Duke of York, Child Princess Elizabeth, Prince Edward of the Tower (almost) becoming King Edward V
Edward of York leader of the vanguard at Battle of Agincourt, Child Edward of York becoming King Edward IV, Prince Edward of Anjou heir to King Henry VI
Older Richard Duke of Gloucester becoming King Richard III
Child Richard Duke of Gloucester, Child Henry Earl of Richmond, Young Prince Richard of the Tower
Bishop of Carlisle, Mistress Quickly, Soldier from the West, Montjoy the Herald, Michael Williams, Shopkeeper, Dick the Butcher of Ashford, Older Queen Margaret


Set & Costume Design
Director, Adaptor & Set Design
Stage Manager
Assistant Director
Composer and Sound Designer
Stage Manager
Lighting Designer
Fight Director