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Cast & Crew


Laertes / Guildenstern
Ghost / Player / Gravedigger
Ophelia 2012
Rosencrantz / Marcellus
Polonius / Gravedigger / Nor...
Ophelia 2013


Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Production Manager
Sound Design / Videography
Business Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Director
Set Designer
Production Manager
Assistant Director
Set Construction
Stage Manager
Fight Director / Movement
Lighting Designer

Venues / FAQ’s

York Theatre, Seymour Centre

The York Theatre is the largest theatre in the Seymour and has a seating capacity of 788 in a semi-circular, amphitheatre configuration, featuring a thrust stage.

Riverside Theatre, Riverside Theatre Parramatta

This is a traditional proscenium arch, 761 seat theatre venue with stalls, circle and gallery levels. The architectural design is based on the common European Opera House concept to provide a very warm, intimate and live performance space.

Hamlet Play | Sport For Jove


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