Teresa Jakovich | Biography

On graduating from WAAPA Teresa performed for ABC-Radio National, Barking Gecko (Run Kitty Run) and Young Australia (Shakespeare on Trial). She was a member of Bell Shakespeare’s Players in 2011-12, playing Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (SOH). Recent theatre credits include: Fabian in Twelfth Night and Violenta in All’s Well That Ends Well (SFJ), CDP’s The Incredible Book Eating Boy and The Lunar Effect (Old Fitz). TV credits include: All Saints, Rescue Special Ops, ABC series Laid, Google’s Hang Out In History and the SBS short Old War. Teresa has her Masters in Literature, is an avid Arts Educator and lectures at Notre Dame University.

Associated Events: 
Iras, attendant to Cleopatra
Portia, wife to Brutus / Flavius, a Tribune / mob / Strato a soldier
Violenta of Florence