Theatre Company | Sport for Jove | Sydney Hills Shakespeare in the Park Terms and Conditions
Exchange or return of tickets

Tickets that have been paid for cannot be refunded or returned. Changes in the cast or the programme do not entitle holders to a return or an exchange of tickets.

Cancellation or transfer of a performance

The Sydney Hills Shakespeare in the Park event is an open-air and all weather event. The audience seating is completely uncovered. The event is an all-weather experience, and Sport For Jove Theatre Company is committed to going ahead with a performance even in unfavourable weather conditions, unless there is a concern for the general safety of the actors and audience by attending the show. The decision to cancel a performance can be made up until 30 minutes before the show begins and a cancellation may be called during the performance.  A show is considered to be performed once 60% of it has been staged and tickets will not be exchanged to another day if conditions require the remaining portion of the performance outdoors to be cancelled.

Ticket holders to a cancelled show will have their tickets honoured for a future performance date in the Sydney Hills Shakespeare in the Park season.

If a performance in a season is cancelled, Sport For Jove has set aside contingency dates on January2nd, 3rd and 8th for adding performances to the season if existing performances in the schedule are not capable all accommodating ticketholders.

Only in the event that a ticket holder has tickets to a cancelled show that there are no additional scheduled show options to attend, regardless of the ticket holders availability, will a refund be given for the missed performance.

Sydney weather is full of surprises so we therefore recommend that for the comfort of our guests that they dress with this in mind and bring warm and rainproof clothing. Please note that although umbrellas can be brought to the venue, out of consideration for other members of the audience there use should be limited during an performance.

Auxiliary expenses, including travel, accommodation or hospitality, which you have arranged in conjunction with the performance are at your own risk and not refundable by Sport For Jove Theatre Company.

Wet Weather Hotline

Ticket holders are encouraged to follow the Sport For Jove Wet Weather hotline at (02) 9990 7708 for the most current update regarding a plays' status that day.


A ticket is valid only when purchased from the authorised ticketing agent Ticketbooth or Sport For Jove Theatre Company.

The right of admission is reserved and Sport For Jove Theatre Company reserves the right to inspect bags of patrons who enter or exit the venue regardless of size.

Each individual entering the venue must have a valid ticket regardless of age.  Children 9 and under are admitted free, and these free tickets are available for reservation in advance through either the authorised ticketing agent Ticketbooth or Sport For Jove Theatre Company.

Persons aged under 16 years must be accompanied by a ticketed adult.

Patrons who disrupt a performance may be ejected from the venue.

Patron’s wishes to bring personal items into the venue do so at their own risk.  Sport For Jove Theatre Company will not take responsibility for any items which are lost or damaged on the site.

Unauthorised soliciting and customer surveying, not authorised by Sport For Jove Theatre Company, is not permitted.

The Bella Vista Farm venue will be open one hour before the scheduled performance begins.

Patrons are reminded that the venue is a place of natural beauty and should be respected – please don’t collect plants or flowers, climb on the trees or walk on garden beds.  Many of the physical structures at Bella Vista Farm are historical in nature and they should be handled and approached as to maintain their quality as they were before the ticket holders arrival. Many animals, including sheep, are residents at the farm, and should be left alone and untouched regardless of the proximity they travel towards the performance area and audience.

Patrons are expected to remove all items that they brought with them to the venue, or dispose of any items properly in the provide garbage bins, as such to leave the playing area as clean as they found it.

Late arrivals

Patrons arriving late will be admitted to the back of the audience area, as to limit the disruption to the audience and the performance due to their late arrival.

Seating for disabled or less mobile patrons

Customers requiring wheelchair positions and/or assistance should contact the Sport For Jove offices in Sydney 02 8970 1921, Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

Use of electronic devices

Use of cameras and other recording devices during the performance is prohibited. Photographs may be taken before and after the performance and at interval, but not during the performance.

Right to record or broadcast

Sport For Jove Theatre Company reserves the right to record, broadcast, simulcast and photograph any performances and the venue which may include staff and the audience.