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Our fun and accessible Primary Workshops immerse students in the fascinating stories and characters from the greatest storyteller in history, William Shakespeare. Our interactive structure promotes confidence, collaboration and creativity, and unleashes young imaginations through physical and vocal expression and literacy. Key educational focus points are story and character Orientation, Complication and Resolution.



Magic and Mayhem | A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Weird, Wild and Wicked | Macbeth

Love and War | Romeo and Juliet 

Shipwreck Shenanigans | The Tempest  

Kings and Clowns | King Lear

Power and the People | Julius Caesar

We can also tailor a bespoke workshop on a text of your choosing – get in touch!



  • Character Creation: Students bring the personality and physicality of a character to life through playful movement, gesture and voice
  • Scene Soundscapes:  We explore the location and mood of the play’s scene settings through creating atmospheric sounds with voice, body and improvised instruments
  • Lines out Loud: Participants gain confidence in speaking Shakespeare’s words expressively with a selection of the play’s most famous lines. Using call and response and dramatic direction, the characters are embodied and heard out loud. 
  • Living Statues:  Students get to play the parts, bringing the story to life with spontaneous costume and props, and imaginative physical and vocal improvisation. Co-operation and ensemble play engages groups to create fun picturepostcard from the play to highlight key ideas and turning points.
  • Character Hot-Seating: students investigate character motivations, obstacles and transformation through an interactive guided Question and Answer session. Professional actors take on the roles and respond in character, allowing students to have fun while getting a deeper analysis of the play’s main ideas and characters arcs.






$2500 for a 2 hour Digital Workshop

$1600 for 1 hour Digital Workshop 

(Per 30-student class)