Daniel Barber | Biography

Daniel found lighting at the age of 12 and has been working his way into the professional world ever since. Recent credits include “Blink” (Stories Like These),  “Hysteria” and “Remembering Pirates”  (Darlinghurst Theatre Company), Associate LD for both “Faith Healer” (Belvoir St) and “Turquoise Elephant” (Griffin Theatre Company),  “Il Segreto Di Susanna/Bluebeard’s Castle” – Double Bill and “The Magic Flute” (State Opera of SA), “An Evening with Annabel Crabb” (Annabel Crabb), “The Country” (Stone/Castro), “Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life” (Popjam Productions, “Ngali Guman” and “Biddigal Dreaming”  (Biddigal Performing Arts).

Throughout all disciplines of theatre, Daniel is known for finding interesting and new ways of utilizing known tools of the trade and adapting them to create visual feasts for the audience.

Subtlety can often conquer extravagance and Daniel enjoys exploiting that idiom.


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Lighting Designer
Lighting Associate
Daniel Barber | Biography


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